Basic Skiing Etiquettes Rules




The chairman of real estate development at Sable Holdings, LLC, a Texas-based residential and commercial real estate development company, Kim Gill has more than three decades of leadership experience within the real estate industry. In his free time, Kim Gill enjoys such outdoor activities as snow skiing.

Proper etiquette does not come to most skier’s minds when they think about enjoying their time on the snow, but it is extremely important for keeping a mountain safe and friendly. One of the most basic rules of skiing etiquette is that the person in front always has the right of way. When people are skiing in front of you, they are going to be paying attention to the mountain in front of them, not you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to avoid them. However, this rule does not hold when you are merging onto a trail or starting downhill. In these cases, yield to the other skiers and snowboarders who are coming down the mountain above you to avoid collisions.

Beyond following basic right of way rules, never stop in the middle of a trail or in an area where skiers coming from uphill cannot see you. This puts both yourself and other skiers at risk of a collision and is especially dangerous when small children are around. Similarly, ensure you stay aware of any skiers or groups in front of you who are moving more slowly or are stationary. Although most ski lessons are done in slow ski zones, you need to be aware of who is around you at all times. When trails are extremely crowded, slow down a bit to get a better idea of where everyone is moving, which gives you more time to react.